At Octane, our goals are simple: to provide innovative social marketing campaigns for any target audience and to excel at client service in the process.

Even simpler is that here at Octane, we want to help people change their lives. And we do that through thoughtful, creative, research-based, and innovative marketing campaigns. Intrinsic to such change is a consumer-focused paradigm, a different way of doing things: we listen to the target audience and meaningfully engage them as partners to develop programs.

Octane has developed social marketing campaign solutions for pressing issues challenging communities: sexual health, tobacco cessation, youth and communities learning to develop peaceful environments, moving and exercise, and adopting healthy lifestyles. Each campaign reflects the target audience’s needs, desires, behaviors, culture, values, norms, and speaks the target audience’s language.

Commitment to Client Service

We work closely with our clients to ensure responsiveness and provide value. Our commitment to contract stewardship requires that Octane deliver high quality work on time and on budget.