This is one time where we wanted to hear “Everybody’s doing it.”

The DC Department of Health faced a lower than desired HIV testing rate due in part to HIV testing being viewed as an optional and patient-directed service by both patients and providers alike. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration (HAHSTA) charged Octane to develop a campaign to help increase HIV testing among District residents.

Ask for the Test was developed as a series of ads for outreach and awareness to target the city’s most vulnerable populations: youth, adults, seniors, partners, gay and bisexual men, and mothers-to-be.  With Ask for the Test we featured everyday people, including iconic community members such as a pastor with a long-standing history with the District of Columbia, proclaiming that others should ask for the test as routine health care because they did it, for themselves and their families. This ad series represents Octane’s ability to refine our research of different audiences by identifying the similarities and developing a unifying theme—shared value about personal well-being and wanting to be healthier and smarter for self and loved ones.

Target audience: DC Residents ages 18+
Client : District of Columbia Department of Health
Project’s Link :