DC youth got it and show it off, claiming their greatness and inspiring other teens.

Youth are expected to make positive social and health decisions, yet today’s media more often is blitzed with negative stories and images of youth.  The DC Department of Health tasked Octane with developing a counter initiative—a campaign to empower DC youth to make independent decisions about their health and well-being. Octane’s solution was the celebratory #ShowOff.

#ShowOff is a youth social marketing campaign that encourages DC youth to share their aspirations, dreams, talents, friendships, and personal style via social media. The campaign engages youth (#ShowOff ambassadors) in activities that develop their leadership skills and cultivates self-awareness in their decision-making. Octane used social media, events, partnership engagement, targeted advertising including guerrilla marketing, and a massive mural (designed and created with the help of the #ShowOff youth ambassadors). The campaign’s strength is largely in its urban authenticity: the ads feature real DC teens proudly showing their individuality. Since the campaign’s launch, #ShowOff has become visible to youth across the city and continues to motivate teens to embrace their uniqueness and “show off”  via social media the great things they are doing at home, school, and in their communities.

Target Audience: DC youth

Client: DC Department of Health

Link: http://instagram.com/dc_showoff

About the #ShowOff DC campaign